Jewellery Care

  • When not in use, store jewellery in an air tight box or bag which will protect it from the natural environment. Over time all precious metals will tarnish, however, storing it appropriately will help it to keep tarnish free for longer.

  • Try to avoid storing or getting your jewellery in contact with moisture or humidity which will increase tarnishing.

  • Avoid jewellery contact with any beauty products, such as, make up, perfume or hair spray etc.

  • Remove jewellery when carrying out any practical or manual tasks, this will ensure that it does not get accidentally damaged.

  • Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals to clean your jewellery.

  • Each piece of jewellery is individual and will have unique cleaning specifications. However, most pieces without pearls, patina or oxidisation (blackened silver) can be cleaned gently with a soft polishing cloth and/or warm water with a mild detergent and soft bristle brush.

  • Dry jewellery thoroughly after cleaning or coming in to contact with moisture.

  • If you are at all unsure about how to clean your jewellery please contact us at