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Bespoke, Customise, Remodel…

Commissioning is a fantastic way of working with Laura to create a completely unique piece of jewellery tailored to your specific requirements, whether this is for a special event or a personalised gift. The commissioning process is easy and begins with a consultation with Laura to discuss your individual needs concerning materials, design and budget.

Laura offers a broad range of services from working together to create a completely bespoke piece, customising a design from Laura’s current collections or using the metal and gemstones from your existing jewellery to create something new and exciting to be cherished!

Commission Rough Diamond White Gold Ring.jpg

Alastair wanted to propose…

… to Ruth his wonderful partner, a composer of fantastical music scores for film, theatre and opera. He knew Ruth had always been inspired by the unique and unusual in her own work and so worked with Laura to create an engagement ring using a stunning grey-green rough diamond.

The entwining branches of the design symbolised their lifetime journey together and ever-growing love for one another.

Alastair proposed to Ruth at the top of the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and they later both returned to Laura’s studio to discuss making matching wedding bands.

Right: White gold and grey-green natural diamond

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Commissions Process Sketches.jpg
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Comissions Process Sketches 1.jpg
Commission Molten Gold Necklace.jpg

Inspired by the Molten Collection

Debbie had seen pieces from Laura’s Molten collection which reminded her of a necklace she had seen herself wearing in a dream. She wanted to use the elements of Laura’s collection to create a bespoke necklace in gold.

Debbie used some of her existing gold jewellery with Laura to create this unique piece and they later worked together to adapt a design for earrings from Laura’s ‘Molten’ Collection into a bespoke design to match the necklace.

Left: Yellow gold necklace made from existing jewellery

Bethany Ring.jpg

Creating a new heirloom from existing jewellery

Torla had always wanted to pass her family’s jewellery on to her daughter Bethany. Keen to design a piece to suit Bethany’s contemporary tastes, Torla worked with Laura to create an heirloom piece using her existing diamonds and gold that Bethany now wears everyday!

Right: Diamond, white and yellow gold ring made from family jewellery